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New community of practice to support faculty pursuing Balanced-Integrative DEI case

Individuals who are, or are thinking about, pursuing the Balanced-Integrative DEI pathway for tenure and/or promotion are encouraged to participate in a new faculty community of practice forming now for spring 2024.

The pathway, approved by the IUPUI Faculty Council in May 2021, provides an option for faculty to demonstrate excellence that highlights their teaching, research and service achievements related to diversity, equity and inclusion. An increase in faculty advancing via this pathway is one of the metrics emphasized in the IU Indianapolis 2030 strategic plan.

To support faculty and these goals, the Office of Academic Affairs is offering a DEI-focused community of practice. Communities of practice are characterized by a shared area of interest, the creation of community, and engagement in collaborative work toward a common goal.

Led by Teresa Sosa and Gina Sánchez Gibau, the DEI community of practice will use collective inquiry-based learning to guide participants in crafting a case of excellence through this pathway. Participants can expect the following levels of engagement:

  • Equitable interaction with individuals who share a deep interest in and commitment to the Balanced-Integrative DEI case.
  • Networking and building relationships of support, trust and accountability.
  • Co-creation of dossier preparation as a transparent and shareable process.
  • Acquiring and exchanging knowledge and experiences in partnership.
  • Distributed leadership and ownership of learning and practice.
  • Guidance from faculty administrators and peer role models.

Eligible full-time, tenure- or clinical-track faculty will be from academic units that have either adopted or adapted the Balanced-Integrative DEI case as a pathway for tenure and/or promotion. Faculty must also have submitted their third-year review.

Participation will be limited to 20 people. Interested faculty are encouraged to register by Nov. 30.