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IU Indianapolis Frequently Asked Questions

IU Indianapolis banner on the east side of the New York Street gerbil tube (skywalk). Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University IU Indianapolis banner on the east side of the New York Street gerbil tube (skywalk). Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University On July 1, 2024, IUPUI will begin its next chapter as two separate universities, Indiana University Indianapolis and Purdue University in Indianapolis. The reimagined structure will create more opportunities for students and position graduates to make an even greater impact in Indiana and beyond.

JagNews recently invited students to submit questions. The responses to their questions are detailed below, with a full FAQ available here.

What prompted the change to two separate campuses, and how does it benefit students?

The dramatically growing needs of our state call for a correspondingly bold move to provide world-class higher education to students and the research capabilities necessary to fuel our economy. Central Indiana business and community leaders have expressed a desire for increased talent and training in the engineering, sciences, technological and health care disciplines.

Students will benefit from direct connections to the business community, thanks to enhanced partnerships with industry partners and additional opportunities for internships and hands-on learning. With an expansion of faculty, the plan will further increase the number of job-ready graduates in an innovation-led economy, fueling economic growth in the region and the state.

The change also provides a platform for collaboration in which each university’s strengths will enhance funding opportunities for joint research initiatives, including creation of a joint biosciences engineering institute. This new institute will develop life-enhancing therapies and technologies while simultaneously creating a highly sought-after pool of professionals whose unique research and training will create
start-ups and attract new companies to Indiana.

What programs will be with which school?

IU will assume full responsibility for what is now the School of Science at IUPUI, except for its Department of Computer and Information Science, which will become part of Purdue.

Purdue will retain responsibility and authority for what is now the School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI, except for the Department of Music and Arts Technology, which will join the IU Herron School of Art & Design on Jan. 1, 2024.

IU will accelerate training for tomorrow’s IT workforce by expanding its Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, with new computer science programs in Indianapolis, including fully online options.

IU will continue to operate all other schools and departments, providing innovative educational experiences for students in IU programs such as business, law, nursing, social work, the arts and humanities, and a wide range of other academic disciplines. In addition, IU will be responsible for providing certain administrative and support services for both academic organizations.

How do I know what school I’ll be a part of?

Most IUPUI students in a degree program that will become part of Purdue in Indianapolis should have been notified by Purdue via email. If you haven’t received notification and believe your program might be transitioning or you have other concerns or questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Do I get to choose an IU or Purdue degree?

Students who are enrolled in a program that is being realigned to the other university will have the option to choose a degree from IU or Purdue. This includes students enrolled in programs through the School of Science departments of biology, chemistry, forensic science, mathematical sciences, neuroscience, physics or psychology. Students must be enrolled in their program during the spring 2024 semester, and they will have until Nov. 29, 2024, to declare their intention to receive a degree from either IU or Purdue upon graduation.

Those choosing a Purdue degree will be expected to maintain continuous enrollment through each fall and spring semester and complete all degree requirements by June 30, 2027. Purdue advisors will work with any student who is not on track to finish by that date to determine how to best support them.

Students choosing an IU degree will be supported by IU Indianapolis advisors in meeting their degree requirements on the timeline best suited to the student’s individual situation.

Will students who are currently pursuing a combination of IU and Purdue majors, minors or certificates be able to continue to do so after 2024?

IU and Purdue are committed to supporting currently enrolled students in completing their in-progress plans of study, through the end of the teach-out period ending June 30, 2027. IU and Purdue will be communicating with students who have a combination of IU and Purdue majors, minors or certificates, and students are encouraged to meet with their advisors to discuss completion plans.

Will there be changes to campus buildings?

Students will still have access to the same buildings that they have today, with no immediate changes planned for campus buildings. Current space use and assignments will remain in place for the near future.

If I am a Purdue student and I want housing on campus, can I stay in the IU dorms?

Yes. Beginning with the 2024–25 academic year, IU will provide student housing to Purdue students in North Hall, with Purdue students housed on Purdue floors and IU students housed on IU floors.

Will tuition change or my scholarship be affected?

Students in an IU program will pay the IU Indianapolis tuition rate. For new students beginning at Purdue University in Indianapolis on or after July 1, 2024, their tuition rate will be the same as that of Purdue West Lafayette. Purdue students who started at IUPUI prior to that date will pay either the Purdue West Lafayette tuition rate or their 2023-24 IUPUI base tuition rate, whichever is lower.

Both IU and Purdue are dedicated to upholding any financial aid or scholarship arrangements committed to students before July 1, 2024. Additionally, IU Indianapolis will continue to offer IU students a wide range of scholarships, including merit-based, admissions-based, and diversity and service awards.

How will the realignment impact graduate students?

When the transition is fully implemented, Indianapolis graduate programs with the School of Engineering and Technology and the Department of Computer and Information Science will be merged with Purdue University programs on the West Lafayette campus, all governed by the Purdue Graduate School. Students who successfully complete these programs through Purdue will earn a Purdue University West Lafayette degree.

Have more questions? You can find additional answers on IU Indianapolis’ FAQ page. Purdue in Indianapolis students can also find information about its programs on Purdue’s website.

If you have questions about your specific situation, schedule an appointment with your advisor, who will help you find the answers you need.

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