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June Photo Caption Contest

Purdue-Indianapolis Extension students in class 1950 UA024_PB03_0550 This month’s photo features a Purdue Extension course in Indianapolis being taught in 1950, when students apparently wore ties and suit jackets to class. Caption the picture for a chance to win a prize from University Library Special Collections and Archives.

Congratulations to Andy Smith, who won the May contest with the caption, “‘I’ is for ‘Inseparable,’ as nothing will pull us apart. ‘U’ is for ‘United,’ as we stand together always. ‘P’ is for ‘Partners,’ though our bond goes much deeper still. ‘U’ is for ‘Undissolvable,’ as our bond will always be. ‘I’ is for ‘Infinity,’ as our time together will have no end. ‘I-U-P-U-I,’ may we stand true to you!” Black and white photo of a man singing on stage during a commencement ceremony